Up the Duff ;)

Sorry i havent posted for a long while but something has come up! And i have had to put my exercising on hold!

Basically after the week i had off to rest my sprain i then had the next week of as well……i felt really tried and had nausea and didnt feel up to running or anything else.

After waiting patiently that week for 6 days for a period that didnt show things started to become clear! And after two mornings of testing just to be sure the truth was out! IM PREGNANT! (at that point 4 weeks 5 days pregnant)

Weย were both over the moon about it as we have been trying for at least 2 years to have a baby! (Although we did have a bit of stress as this happened two and half weeks before the wedding eeek!!)

And its kind of Ironic that i got to my perfect weight of 56kg’s and then this happens! loool

So all exercise went on hold! As i needed to rest up! The days after that i started to feel lightheaded, Nausea, dizzyness, feeling hotter than usual.

We had an appointment at the Gyno set up the next week to find out what we needed to do and to have a blood test!

She gave us some vitamins to take and we had the blood test that confirmed as well the pregnancy! (5 weeks pregnant) and we ordered the ‘Your pregnancy bible’ book of amazon as we both dont have a clue what we are doing!

And i got a bit tired of Alex googling random websites then acting like he suddenly knew everything about pregnancy and what i could and couldnt do! Also with him listening to random advice from everyone and there dog and believing it all!! grrr

They say your not supposed to tell anyone until 3months along, as the first 3 months are dangerous but we couldnt contain the news and we did tell a few people early as we were both so excited! (Alex practically told the whole of italy already lol!!)

The third month will be by the 4th June!

I really started wanting Banana, butter sandwiches and had lots of lightheaded moments!

Its feeling really weird not exercising lol although i have started going for walks to keep up some of my fitness levels and the Gyno told me i dont have to eat more until 5 months when i will get really hungry. Im also looking at doing prenatal yoga and weights for when we come back from the honeymoon!

So now im on week 6 of the pregnancy and we have the wedding next weekend as well!! Its been a little bit stressful the last few weeks and i cant wait til the wedding’s over with and we are on the honeymoon in Suffolk!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your chocolate eggs and long weekend! ๐Ÿ˜€ x


How the heck did that happen!?

I just weighed myself this morning and im down to 56.8kgs!!! Im within my goal weight which is 56kgs!!! but im not 100% sure how i did it lol

I havent done any running this week, any cardio i have done was very light like house cleaning or 1 or 2 times with the stability ball and thats all!

I have been doing my normal daily planks, side planks and v-up’s and thats it really!

I did go back on Myfitnesspal calorie counting site but that was more to make sure i wasnt over eating and i havent been very strict with it…so how the heck did i reach 56.8kgs???

I didnt want to lose weight at the moment because i want to fit into my wedding dress! so i havent been focused or trying to lose more weight!

Although i have been stressed about the wedding lately so maybe i just lost the weight out of stress! A friend of mine lost 2 kgs through work stress so i guess it could happen to me to!

So now im my almost perfect weight its all about tonning and not weight loss! So after the wedding and honeymoon i will have to find some workouts focused on tonning and tightening up!

I must admit though i have been happily prancing round in a t-shirt that has been to small on me for ages and it looks damn fine now LMAO!

Im also more than sure im going to regain weight over the wedding with all the food there will be and probably also gain 3kg’s or more on the honeymoon in the UK! Thank goodness i will be taking myย  running gear with me so i can get some runs in! ๐Ÿ˜€


Rest week – Update

I think not running is getting to me a bit this week! 3 mornings in a row now as i have slowly been waking up i tense and untense my calf muscles and flex my feet which causes cramp in the calf muscles and its driving me crazy! Im not doing it consciously it just seems to be happening while my brain is still half asleep!! Its annoying lol

Hopefully it will stop when i start running again grrr!

When i went to the supermarket today to get the food shopping for the long Easter weekend i did feel my strain in my butt slightly and my hip was stiff! I havent been doing any cardio so i dont understand why i can still feel it.

So im hoping that when i go for a run on monday it will be ok……fingerscrossed!

Im still keeping up with the planks, side planks and v-up’s and im exactly 57kgs now!! yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ Starting to look good just need the muffin top to go down more lol

Im really happy at the moment as a friend of mine told me hes bought a running machine!! I honestly never thought he would buy one ever!

So im really proud of him for wanting to start jogging! and getting fit!

And i can’t wait til we can do a race togeather if he get’s confident with his running it will be awesome!

So now thats 5 friends i know who have started to run! lol They all seemed to like my race photo’s and say thats what got them started!

So im very honored that i have inspired them! And im proud of all of them for starting there running journey’s!



I cannot believe the changes in my body since starting plank a day and doing my v-ups everyday! My lower abs/muffin top especially!! It’s all getting less flabby and starting to tighten up…something i have never had before in my life!!

Im just amazed at the results! I keep thinking im dreaming lol

Im sticking to myfitnesspal calorie counting site as well! love that site so much! and its so easy to use ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterdayย i did 140 v-up’s! I couldnt help myself i justed wanted to go for it and i did! and i felt awesome afterwards!

Im even doing my stability ball workout for 30mins each day this week rather than 3 days in the week like normal. I am so focused on tonning up my flabby abs now its crazy!

I need to do this as not running this week feels really weird to be honest so i need some form of exercise to keep me from breaking my rest week!

The thing is i dont want to be skinny i like having curves but i really want to be strong!

Im down to 57.3kgs! well on the way to 56kgs which is the weight i want to be and maintain then its just tonning myself up ๐Ÿ˜€

Rest Week

So this is my rest week…..so far so good not had the over whelming urge to go running….so if i can hold out til next monday then my sprain should hopefully be ok for a run then.

I did a 30min stability ball workout so far today & my planks and v-up’s…

Got some dull ache withmy sprain on saturday when we were in Tuscany sorting out the last bit of wedding details there! The B&B people are staying in and the lovely place we are eating at after the wedding!

Also im taking my swimming costume incase we get a chance to go to the local hot springs which is just down the road from the village!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Had the weirdest dream last night that someone stole my wedding dress and i couldnt find it! Must be a bit of nervousness! as only 27 days to go to the wedding!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

My friend who was going to do the 6 mile Suffolk Race with me on 6th May has backed out because of his injury so im running that alone. But hes coming to cheer me on which is nice! ๐Ÿ˜€

Sad new that a twitter friend died on the weekend ๐Ÿ˜ฆ He had just completed the Reading Half Marathon and apparently collapsed after he crossed the finish line ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

He was very motivational and seemed like a really nice man…he’s going to be greatly missed on twitter by alot of runners.


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