Day 14 – 15km Training

I know i did the 5k race yesterday but i woke up feeling fine and my legs felt ok so decided to run today! 😀

I decided to do another 5k in the park as my training today as i thought it would be fun to run 3.1 miles again and see if i was faster than yesterday.

The run was good my legs were fine didnt have any problems even my knee felt good which i thought was suprising! I tried to have a few minutes of running faster here and there. Especially on the first mile and last mile. I did my 5k in 36mins and yesterday 5k race was done in 37mins so 1 minute difference lol which is still good!

I am starting something on the 1st March called Marchathon on twitter where you have to run everyday of March and blog about it. They did the same thing for January and i decided to start it for March as i missed the January one! Also it will help boost my weight loss & give me the push i need!

Im angry with myself at the moment as i have been bad with my healthy eating! I had gotten down to 58kgs and was maintaining it and now im back up to 59kg’s this morning 😦

I know its my own fault i havent been eating all the veggies i usually eat, we have been eating out more and i have been eating bigger portion sizes than i need….sigh….and no many carbs which i dont need!

So now its going to be veggies and protein for dinner and lunches with a little bit of carbs mixed in! 😀


But Alex gave me food shopping money this morning and im going to the supermarket to buy more veggies and stuff for healthy lunches and dinners again! We have been to lazy with easy take out food when we should be cooking at home!

EUR2Roma 5k race

I was supposed to run on friday but decided to have a 5 mile walk instead in the sunshine which was really nice and which i enjoyed. When i got back i ended up having a 3 hour nap as well lol as i hadnt been sleeping very well the few nights before. I didnt want to do to much as i was doing a 5k race on the sunday anyway.

Saturday afternoon i met up with Marina and we headed to the place near Eur Palasport where we could pick up our race pack for the 5k race. It was really busy there with loads of people picking up there HM bags as well! As the RomaOstia HM was running on the same day as our race!

The race expo was small but nice! and i saw a table for the ‘run for the cure’ race in May so after chatting to the lady i signed up for the race which cost 13 euros and i got some free baby wet wipes and some Roc face cream free for signing up that day! lol That race isnt til May and again its a 5k!

We found the table which was handing out our bibs, tops and goodie bags and the lady gave me a medium top which i discovered when we got to Marina’s was huge and tent like on me! But they gave Marina SS! which fit her perfectly! so next time i know to ask for Small size! The tops were nice adidas dry fit tops.

Also we were handed alot of leaflets about other races that are being held!

We also got a scarf in the bag and an adidas booklet which showed all there latest things they had for sale!

We had a nice long walk afterwards and went to check out the market near there before heading back to Marina’s for an early night.

I was staying at her house as the race start line wasnt far from her house and it was better than getting up stupidly early to travel there from my house!                                                                    


Sunday morning we were up at 7.30am to have some breakfast and prepare for the race! The race was to start at 9.30am and we wanted to be there for 9am to have plenty of time before it started!

But it didnt turn out that way lol the bus we were going to get wasnt working as the roads were closed so we managed to get a bus a bit closer to it but still had 2km to walk to the start line.

As we were walking we saw the proffessional Half Marathon runners run past us! so we knew we were late as we approached the start line i could see loads of people running off in the distance as i thought oh crap we have missed it! But luckily that was still the Half Marathon people going on there way!

We walked back along and found the start of the 5K race people where all there held back behind the line ready to go and we were walking towards them! Just before we reached the startline the man began counting down from 5 to 1!! and then the race started and everyone was off lol We had almost reached the startline but not quite so we just jumped into the sea of runners and started the race that way.

Marina’s husband was running with us and he doesnt run so he told us to leave him as he would be jogging and running as much as he could. So we set a slow pace and off we went after everyone else.

The day was really nice sunny and blue skies and it was a really enjoyable run! There were running clothes everywhere on the ground where the Marathoners had just chucked of tops as they went! I remember thinking what a waste of running clothes lol and was tempted to go pick them all up! But then i saw a man with a black bin bag collecting them so i know they will be sold in the market stalls this week!! 😛

We werent last in the race we were at the back but we passed alot of people which was good and i ran the whole thing with no walking breaks which i sometimes do when training (30 secs of walking)

When we reached the finish line we recieved a lovely medal for our achievement! and also a magnum icecream and a goodie bag with milks, juice, honey, chocolate and water inside!

We ate our icecream’s and waited for Marina’s husband to arrive who we cheered on as he made it across the line with 5 people behind him so he wasnt last either yay!!

We all really enjoyed the race and would recommend it to any runners visiting Roma at this time next year!

Our next race will be the Roma Fun run which is 4k in a few weeks time YAY!


I have signed up for an 8 sessions bootcamp here in Roma!! Im so excited about it looool

Thats the website:

The sessions are 45mins long with a personal fitness coach mondays & thursday from 5th March to 29th March!

I should be doing it with a bunch of other people in a park at Terme Caracalla from 12.30pm – 13.15pm and the 8 sessions in total cost 80 euros 🙂

I have never done anything like this before! its quite exciting and im hoping it will boost my over all fitness and give me the push i need to lose the last kg i want to loose before the wedding end of April! So i think its worth the 80 euros 🙂

I shall keep you posted about the sessions and my progress with them! 😀


Day 13 – 15k Training

I just managed 2 miles today i was going to do 3 miles but my right knee felt very heavy and uncomfortable and i got a slight ankle pain as well so i came home again.

I have decided to swtich my runs back and do the short runs at the begining of the week and the long run on friday’s. This should stop me being to tired for my short runs and also i have 2 days of the weekend to recover from my long run!

I have my 5k Race on sunday so dont want to push my body to much at the moment as i would like to be fresh for the race even if it is a short one 😀

Also theres a personal trainer i follow on twitter that lives here in Roma and hes offering a boot camp from 5th March to the 30th March for just 80 euro’s!!  So i am considering signing up as it might help me boost my fitness/weightloss! And it might be alot of fun as well! 😀


Day 12 – 15k Training – First PB!

I have been feeling a bit down lately and a bit negative not really sure why. Some of the runners on twitter suggested maybe it was because i hadnt run in 3 days and they sometimes get moody without there runs lol

I have been looking at Half Marathons again and making plans. I want to train for a half marathon and do a HM in October maybe in the UK. Then at some point i would like to do the Brighton Half, Bath Half as well as the RomaOstia HM.

Part of me is being negative…..negative about that i can run the distance of 13.1…. but i felt like that when faced with 10k but i did it! And have run 10k more than once! So i can achieve 13.1 miles i just have to believe in myself!

Anyway i got up knowing i was gonna run today even though it was raining lol

I wanted to do 7 miles but i kept thinking if it rained hard then i would do what i could then come home. When i got outside it was just a light rain so i was happy to get running in that.

My first 2 miles were really sluggish and i was slower than i usually am which i thought was weird as im not usually that slow. After that i ran from the little park down the road to the bigger park.

I found i was doing a little bit more walking than i usually do when running normally but both knees felt heavy and at one stage i did get a little knee pain.

I found a felt like running path and did a mile on that which was easier on my knees and my legs felt much much happier. Then i did another mile on the other gravel path. At this stage (mile 4 and half) i decided to just do a 10k then go home.

So i started running back then glanced at my watch and realised i was still under my normal 10k time and could maybe see if i could get it under my original time of 1 hour 13mins!!

So the last mile i just went for it ignoring everything but the clock on my garmin lol as i hit 10k my time was 1 hour 11 mins!! yipppiee!!

a whole 2 mins faster than normal!! my first PB!! (personal best) ever! so happy with that! I would love to get it under an hour! something i can work on 😛


Day 11 – 15km Training

I still had cramps this morning and wasnt sure if i would be running today or not! But about 10.30am the cramps stopped and i decided to run in the afternoon at 1pm.

I had some veggie soup and bread at 11am to keep me going so i had time to digest it before 1pm.

Part of me wanted to do the long 7 mile run but i decided to just start with the 3 miles im supposed to do today and see how it went.

I had side cramp on the first half mile of my run which wasnt nice but it passed after a few moments as i paused my watch and stopped for a bit.

When i carried on running i was fine, thighs still a bit heavy but ok. Its really warm out there today 11c so i was getting a bit over heated.

I couldnt find my running zone at all on the entire 3 miles which sucked. Once i hit 3 miles i knew that was going to be all for me today. I didnt have the urge to carry on and do more so i came home.

I haven’t been able to run more than twice a week the last few weeks which is annoying because im supposed to be running 3 days a week! So from monday im starting fresh and falling back in to my proper routine now the snows all gone 😀

Not sure if im Running today…

I had a nice time on Tuesday my birthday! bought two cupcake tops & a chinese cat money book 🙂 My friend Marina bought me a blackcat necklace and matching bracelet which i love!

We went to the crunchy chicken place which was really nice and alot like KFC in the UK! I had a chicken burger which was really nice!

We spent 6 hours walking round central Roma enjoying the day and my already aching legs started aching again! lol but it was well worth it! 😀

That evening i was hit with bad time of the month cramps! i was literally doubled over in pain the only time is eased was if i was laying down. So at 9.30pm i went to bed hoping they would go away.

Wednesday i woke up to stiff legs again and still bad cramps 😦 ( i never usually have them this bad) so i took the day as a rest day and did some reading.

The temp is supposed to be getting warmer here so im hoping that it does as i hate the cold weather now just want it to warm up a little bit thats all.

Today im supposed to do a 7 miles long run…..but im not sure i have it in me. I stil have them bloody cramps! and there still hurting alot 😦 i have never had them so bad usually after the first day im fine and go running normally but this month they seem unbearable.

So my plan is to wait til the afternoon and see how i feel. If they have eased by then i will go for a run and see how far i can go even if its only a couple of miles. If there still bad in the afternoon then i will try running tomorrow instead.

Also im thinking of moving this weeks training plan to next week, i know you have to allow for injury etc when following a plan so i guess thats what im doing now.

The only good thing is i have noticed more silver stretch marks around my hips which means im losing more weight! 😀 Which i think is awesome! Im viewing my stretch marks as marks of achievement so im happy with more weight loss!

Also im down to 58kg’s and have been for the last 3 weeks! It seems to be my normal weight now i think thanks to the long runs im doing! So thats all good 😀

Day 10 – 15km Training (bad run)

Ok so today didnt go so good! First it was -3c outside which was cold but its also blue sky and sunny. ( i hate running in the cold brrr)

I had decided to do 7 miles and get it out of the way so the rest of the week would be short runs. I was out in the little park by 10.45am ready to go.

As i completed the first mile i encountered any ice area all over the path…i should have turned back but i kept on going! As i turned round to run back i slipped! Luckily i didnt fall but i locked my legs instead..which i guess was a mistake. Because after that the front of my thighs went stiff and tightened up as well as my knees!

I carried on running even made it to the bigger park but it was a real push to do so! My legs felt heavy, stiff and slightly painful after what happened with the ice. I had to walk a few times and my thighs would really stiffen up more then so when i went to run again it was a real big effort to do so!

I pushed myself to get 5 miles done and i did it…i just hope my legs will be ok now lol

Im sitting here typing with a frozen pack of peas on one thigh and a frozen pack of Paella on the other LMAO! icing my legs lool

One nice thing that happened was another runner gave me a little nod when i passed him the second time which was nice.Runners here tend just to stare at eachother but nothing else lol

Tomorrow is my birthday (as well as Valentines day) and im off out for the day with Marina! We found a crispy chicken place on the internet thats in Roma somewhere and we are both keen to give it a taste lol so that should be fun! 😀

Hopefully my legs wont be to stiff tomorrow! At the moment there numb from the frozen food on them LMAO

The Rock&run 7k race was cancelled due to the snow but there going to email use when the decided on the new date for it so we can still take part in that at some point yay!

Crazy runner?

I have come to realise i could be a crazy runner obsessed with running lol (i know there are more of you out there like me lol)

I have suddenly realised alot of the time i find myself worrying about the weather conditions for running! hoping the snow doesnt last, hoping it wont be to cold or wet! Eat, sleep and breathing running! Running almost always on your mind!

Getting over excited about running gear, running clothes, running trainers! running websites, twitter running chat, running magazines! My whole life had changed completely when i started taking my running seriously and when i started to do races! So it is crazy in a way!

And i love my twitter running friends!! they are so motivating! so friendly and so full of advice and running wisdom and they range from beginner to tough as tail ultra runners! lol from all walks of life.

When i start a conversation it will eventually turn to running and i will be chatting away to a non runner who will get bored! I even babble on about my running to Alex who just smiles and nods his head and i know he doesnt care that much lol he doesnt have the passion for running which i seemed to have now.

I remember before i started this running crazyness how lazy i was with no energy…turning to food for comfort and wishing i was slimmer so i could get into slimmer clothes and not be a whale which is what i felt like!

Now im losing more weight my belly isnt so big (although i do still have a muffin top)! It all kind of hit me today when i was trying on t-shirts that used to be tight on me and which are now kind of baggy on me! and which have been moved to my wear draw for the summer! I can’t believe how well i have done so far and i dont want to stop!

I have gone from thinking ok i will try a 5k race to doing two 10k races and keenly looking for more races to do. From telling my BF Alex that i will only do 10k races (that was before i ran my first one) to now telling him how i would love and want to do a half marathon! I think he thinks im a bit crazy lol

I was even disappointed when they cancelled the 7k race which was supposed to be today! Luckily they say they will be moving it to another date and will let us know when and where.

Also i find myself happy just to be running any length of race! 4k, 5k, 7k, 10k…..i know i can run longer than these but i dont think i will ever get to the stage where i will think these are to short or beneath me because i can run further. Part of the whole running for me is being able to race and enjoying it even if you know you can run that distance easily there still fun to do! And you can always see if you can run it faster than the times before 🙂

I have also been circling races in my Runners World uk magazine for races in the UK planning in my head when i might get over to the UK to take part in them or even maybe next year.

Me and my friend Marina have even talked about joining a running federation here so we can take part in the competitive race which are long distances (more 10k’s and longer) even if we are slower than the rest who cares! Even if we are last it doesnt matter its just down to crossing the finish line knowing you can achieve it yourself and not against anyone else 😀

As my birthday present this year i asked my brother to sign me up and pay the £10 for the Suffolk Coast run in May i want to do!! and thats all i want from him lol to be able to do that race! 😛

So yes i think i can safely say now i am a crazy & obsessed runner an you know what…..i kinda like it 😀



Day 9 – 15km Training

I decided to go out and do another run today as there threatening us with more snow tomorrow! Infact it sounds like it will be a mini-blizzard!! Snowing from friday lunchtime all the way through to saturday! which sucks!

I have only just got my running path back from the last lot of snow and ice!! 😦

Although its cold outside its clear blue skies and sunshine so not sure how the snow is going to come when it looks nice outside lol hopefully it wont come!

I had planned to do 4 miles but my legs were still tired from my long long run yesterday so i only managed 2 miles before my body said stop now.

My thighs and knees were feeling very heavy and tired and i got a slight dull pain in the right side of my abdomin which maybe was muscles? not sure lol

But im happy i got out there even if i only did 2 miles its better than nothing!! 😀

If it does snow our 7km race will be cancelled ( the one me and Marina were planning to run) infact im not sure we are going to do it at all. It all hangs on the weather and temp!! :S

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