365 Days of Happy – Days 271 to 300!

Im over the 300 mark now and not long to go:)

Day 271 – Miss Peanut is very happy with the Peppa pig balloon i bought her!


Day 272 – wearing the handmade necklace i bought at the local spring fair on sunday


Day 273 – shes so happy with her tent & balls which arrived Yesterday and she couldn’t wait for me to set it up today!


Day 274 using the handmade bag i bought at the spring fair for the first time! love the owls!


Day 275 Miss Peanut’s first Easter egg!!


Day 276 very happy i managed to find some Peppa Pig bits at the local shop as an Easter surprise!


Day 277 3 day running streak! 🙂


Day 278 Miss Peanut meeting horses up close for the first time.


Day 279 i found some nice second hand running trousers on the market!


Day 280 Miss Peanut full of smiles like everyday makes every day happy for me 🙂


Day 281 Biscuits from Bari a present from our new neighbour.


Day 282 pie in a tin for lunch something we don’t have in Italy but my friend got it for me from a shop in Belgium.


Day 283 lovely day in the park with Peanut and Hubby 🙂


Day 284 Afternoon at a friends house where Peanut learned to weed the garden 🙂


Day 285 steak and chips for dinner haven’t had this in ages! yum!


Day 286 Gelato!


Day 287 more Peppa Pig swag from our shopping trip she loves the bowl and cup!


Day 288 my first ever blog competition!


Day 289 she’s finally self feeding yay!


Day 290 race pack collected for tomorrow’s 4km race


Day 291 4km race finished with my friends 🙂


Day 292 cake time yum!


Day 293 new shoes for Miss Peanut from the second hand baby store


Day 294 jacket potato with cheese and chili havent had this since living in London oh so many years ago


Day 295 2 miles run this evening and loving my runs more and more!


Day 296 Friday night cuddles 🙂


Day 297 pad thai lunch with a friend and girly shopping.


Day 298 packing for the UK trip on the weekend! Cannot wait!


Day 299 New hair colour done 🙂


Day 300 new eyeliners all blue as it brings out the blue in my eyes


Just 65 days left to go before my 1 year of happiness photo everyday journey ends!


Appia Fun run 4km – 2015

Last sunday the 13km Appia race and 4km fun run were held here in Rome. I had signed up on the saturday for the 4km fun run as i had agreed to run it with my friend Jenny and her 7yr old son.

We had so much fun when we did the Euroma2 5km race togeather back in the begining of march we knew we wanted to race again.

The race pack came with my bib number, t-shirt, leaflet on drunk driving, plastic water bottle and a use once breathalyzer. I know the contents sounds a little weird but the race was for alcohol prevention and so the race pack reflected that.


It was a gorgeous day on sunday with a clear blue sky and sunny even though it was supposed to rain later in the afternoon.

I found lots of other runners for both races on the metro heading for the race and lots more once i arrived at circo massimo metro stop.

The start of the race was just a five/ten minutes walk from the station at the Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla.

It was heaving with runners walking and warming up as i walked through the gates to find my friend. Luckily i found her just inside with some of her running Group and her son.


After a quick chat i left my bag in their running Group tent where it was safe before we started heading to the start line chatting away.

Unfortunately i had to use the port-a-loo’s at this point and after lining up for 10 minutes it was not a pretty sight inside them. (yes i hate using these toilets but when your desperate your desperate!)

We were running with another of her friends who is in the running Group a lovely Italian lady. Her husband was running the 13km and aiming for a good time.



Taking some photos of ourselves for fun we then all headed into the start area and merged into the other runners. It was a little confusing as the 13km runners were mixed with the 4km runners and i was a little worried we would end up stuck in the 13km run.

Checking that our Garmin running watches were on and paused you could feel the excitement of everyone as we waited to start.


Then before we knew it everyone was moving forwards and as i crossed the started i turned on my watch.

Our pace was really good as we ran with the other runners but still had to watch out for fast runners as they pushed past.

I was much more comfortable this race as i have been running alot more and didn’t get tired or felt like i needed to walk.

We did walk for 30 seconds/1 minute a few times as my friend’s son sometimes needed to walk and wanted us all to walk togeather.

I really liked the Italian lady running with us she was really nice and friendly. And she explained she wasn’t much of a runner but liked to walk although she was running with us.

As we hit the 2km mark there were people shouting at us telling us where the 4km runners would go and where the 13km runners would split off from us.

We followed the instructions and headed down a quite road and as i looked behind i realised we were ahead of quite alot of people.

I had seen people running with their dogs and even a few people running with push-chairs with kids inside.

We saw several race photographers who were taking photos of both races and who usually do all the races. My friend Jenny is on friendly terms with them and always gets shown what running photos of her they have if she wants to buy them.

So it was nice to wave and smile at them as we went buy hoping for a photo to be taken.

Buy now we didn’t have long to run and me and her son had started to race eachother or hold hands and run. Which was fun as this kept us going and distracted him from who long we had left to go.

Suddenly we could see the finish line and started all to race towards it all wanting to cross it first although we crossed at the same time.

There was a cheer from the crowd as we held our arms in the air with big smiles on our face all glad to have finished. We had finished the 4km race in 30 minutes which wasn’t bad at all 🙂


As we followed the barriers the pollen from the tree’s was so thick it was almost like it was snowing which we joked about.

We found the area where they were handing out bags with a cake inside, a bottle of water and a sports drink.

I had already known we weren’t getting medals for this race as they don’t really give them out on many of the fun runs.

But we all still enjoyed ourselves and i had another running bib to add to my collection on my wall 🙂

I really did enjoy the 4km Appia fun run and i hope one day to do the 13km run instead. But for now im just happy my running is improving and im slowly building my mileage back up!




New Spartan Races UK & Race Giveaway competition!

As you know im very interested in OCR (obstacle course races) at the moment and am looking forwards to doing my first one im May in the UK! (5 weeks to go woo hoo!)

I still very much would like to do a Spartan race in the UK which i will get around to this year or next.

And just this week i recieved a lovely email telling me about all the new Spartan races they will be holding!

This includes Allianz Park in London which will be their first ever stadium race in the UK! And one i would very much like to do at some point when i visit London!

Also the races aren’t just in London but all over the UK now including Cambridge, Manchester, South Wales, Scotland and Yorkshire.

So as you can see many races to choose from through out the year which is very exciting. And making it easier for people to take part around the country and experience these races!


Taking part in a race like this can really test your fitness level and endurance. And from talking to other OCR runners it can be really empowering as you cross the finish line!

And of course there are the different types of races held from the Spartan sprint which is a 5km obstacle race with 15 obstacles.

Next is the Spartan Super which is 13 kms with 20 obstacles to battle through and last but not least is the Spartan Beast 20kms with 25 obstacles to get through.

And at the end of each race you receive your finishers medal for the different courses completed.

If you manage to complete all 3 races in the same year then you can receive the Trifecta medal for your triumph.

Also now there are the Junior Spartan races for the kids so they can test their fitness, have fun and get dirty just like the adults! Which i think is a fantastic idea to encourage children to enjoy themselves and get fit at the same time.

The ages groups for the childrens races are 4 to 7 yr old, 8 to 10 yr olds and finally 11 to 13 yr olds. And take place in conjunction with the adults races making it an event and day out for the whole family!


To celebrate the up and coming new Spartan races in the UK which are in Allianz Park in London, Manchester, South Wales, Scotland and Yorkshire.

I have been given a race code for a free Spartan race for the UK for one lucky blog reader courtesy of Spartan races UK!

All you need to do is leave a comment below explaining why you would like to take part in a Spartan Race with your name and email address and a winner will be picked by random!

Please remember this is for a UK Spartan race only which you can choose from using the code which i will email to the winner on the 30th of April 2015.

I also have a 10% discount code for the UK Spartan races which can come in handy for those wanting do take part in Spartan races. And here is the code: BLOGGER15

There are also free spartan training sessions this weekend in London, South Wales and Manchester to get you Spartan ready!

Just follow this link to sign up http://spartanraceuk.uk/spartan-workout-tour/

Good Luck





365 Days of Happy! Days 241 to 270

At little late with this round up of days 241 to 270 but here they are 🙂

Day 241 pack picked up for tomorrow’s race OMG its so orange!


Day 242 5km race done with my friend and her 7yr old son 🙂


Day 243 bath time is Always fun with Miss Peanut!


Day 244 another beautiful day in the park and it feels like spring already


Day 245 couldn’t resist battered fish for lunch today


Day 246 run time!


Day 247 lots of kitty cuddles today


Day 248 a trip to the shopping Mall by myself for some shopping


Day 249 enjoying the Sunshine in Villa Ada with my family


Day 250 We now have an Uncle Ben’s section in our little supermarket which is a very big deal when your an expat and like different foods!


Day 251 excited to wear my new running trousers and running belt on my run tonight 🙂


Day 252 we found a new use for a big green plastic box! Miss Peanut sits in it and i push her about as she laughs lol!


Day 253 something yummy and sweet from Hubby 🙂


Day 254 beautiful day for a walk near Piazza Republica.


Day 255 enjoying the Sunshine in the park


Day 256 love the chocolate i got today attached to this My Little Pony look alike 🙂 It reminds me of childhood cartoons!


Day 257 back to my dumbells after a break from them while i was doing kettlebell weights instead.


Day 258 homemade chicken fajitas for lunch


Day 259 blue berries with greek yoghurt yum!


Day 260 Miss Peanut’s first time in her lady bird dress and what a cutie-pie she is 🙂


Day 261 watching the eclipse live on the internet


Day 262 Indian food out with my friend 🙂


Day 263 Miss Peanut loves her new toy i bought her and stops her going after the tv remote controls! It also counts 1 to 9 in English, Italian, Russian and Romanian 😉


Day 264 today i broke through the mental barrier in my head which had me run/walking and instead i RAN a Whole mile!


Day 265 wearing my new favorite top i bought on the weekend!


Day 266 i fancied eggs and had yummy fried eggs on toast for lunch


Day 267 new light jumper! i just love all the positive slogans on tops and jumpers 🙂


Day 268 Another good series of books im enjoying reading


Day 269 Miss Peanut has Peppa Pig mania and adores her new Peppa Pig book.


Day 270 enjoying the food truck festival here in Rome and all the lovely Sunshine! 😀


Just 95 days to go now until the end of my 365 days of happy adventure ends!! 😀

Food Truck Festival Rome 2015

Over the weekend the European Food truck festival was held in testaccio here in Rome. I had never been to the testaccio part of Rome and became quite intrigued when Alex said it was a very hippy-ish area.

The festival was being held over the friday, saturday and sunday of that weekend at Città delle Altra Economia (or CAE for short) and i decided sunday would be a good time to go.

It was really easy to get to on Metro B where i arrived at the piramide metro stop then walked 10/15 minutes to the actual place.


As i said i haven’t really explored that area before and my interest was sparked when i saw the wolf streetart on the side of a building.


Photo’s of this have been posted alot on twitter and Instagram and i was finally happy to see it for myself and snap a photo.

Carrying on i followed the flow of people heading to the food festival and entered a very hippy-ish feeling area which i loved.

I was not very impressed with the little road leading to the place we were walking along as there was no walk way and we ended up walking on the road. This wasn’t very safe when there were car’s, bike’s and moped’s all coming along behind us to the carpark for the festival.

But finally i made it through the gate and into the area where the food festival was being held.


It had been open since 11am and it was already 1pm when i got inside and already very busy! With queue’s already forming as far as i could see.


I decided to have a walk around first and see what food was being served at each different food truck. I found quite a few panini trucks, burgers, fried stuff like supplì, soups, rice, pasta and i had read there was one with sushi although i couldn’t spot it. And then other trucks with sweet stuff like crostatine, waffles and other little things.




I even came across a vegan truck and also a vegetarian one to all serving food to a growing crowd.


I decided to start with something less crowded so headed back over the the dessert trucks i had seen.

As soon as my eyes caught the word waffles i knew exactly what i wanted! I hadn’t had waffles since my trip to Brussels about 4 years ago when i visited my friend Jess.

The queue wasn’t very long either which gave me time to look at the board of things they were serving before i reached the front.


Alot of people seemed to be ordering choco kebabs which seemed to be quite unique thing i have never heard of before.

Thankfully though my waffles took less time than these other things so i didnt have to wait long. The man coated them in sugar once they were ready and handy me the plate the cost of my waffles only 4 euros 🙂



I have to admit the waffles weren’t as good as the belgian waffles i had had in the past but they weren’t bad.

After finishing my waffles i decided to have another prowl around while enjoying all the lovely Sunshine. It was pretty warm and people were already stripping off their coats to just wear t-shirts.

There was also a merry-go-round for the kids which there were plenty off and who were all happily playing on the grass.

I noticed lots of people with beers and other drinks and soon found the alcohol tent although i decided against getting a drink.


The queues were just getting longer and longer and i decided it was time to try something else to eat.

Heading for another truck i found one making panini’s with sausages and porchetta with a mix off other toppings.

I decided to try the sausage panini with broccoli a combination which sounded interesting in a sandwich.

I had to queue to pay 7 euro’s then take my ticket to the other side of the truck where the food was being served. Of course everyone was moving forward trying to get seen to first but i stood my ground for 10 minutes until i was seen to.

Once i was handed my panini i headed to somewhere less busy to take my first bite. I have to say sausage and broccoli really work well togeather especially hot and with some melted cheese!



It was so good i was almost tempted to go back for another one but i decided to have another walk before buying anything else.

I counted 16 trucks as far as i could see although i might have missed a few in the ever growing crowd. There was also a little market at the other end selling vegetables and plants and looked like a regular thing.

There was also a restaurant/bar and a few hippy clothes shops and a bike shop as well. I found a lady handing out flyers for yoga to and read this area also held other events/festivals sometimes.

Heading back towards the trucks i decided to try one more thing before going home. Scanning the crowds i headed for a truck serving risotto and paid 7 euro’s before taking my ticket to get my rice.

It was risotto milanese and the plateful i was given was huge and i knew i wouldn’t be able to eat all of it.



But taking a mouthful i was very glad i had bought it as it was so so good! I only managed half the dish before i was full but it was still Worth the money 🙂

The crowds here huge now with people still coming in and i decided to head out and leave before it became really crazy. And the queues at the trucks were just becoming longer and longer. (I wasn’t even at the end of the queue when i snapped this photo it wasn’t even half way!).


I did notice a massage tent i hadn’t spotted on my walk around and snapped a quick photo.


Leaving the area behind i headed back along the narrow road with cars still trying to get in and parked.

I did really enjoy the atmosphere of the festival and wished i had gotten to try a few more of the different foods. All the food though i did get to try was really good especially my panini which i will make for myself at home now i know the combination!

Next year though i might try and go on the first day (friday) as hopefully there will be less people as its a week day.

Im also very interested to see what other events/festivals the Città delle Altra Economia hold in the future. And i also want to exploring the testaccio zone for other streetart and new places when i get the chance!

The food festival was alot of fun though and worth braving the crowds for and i look forwards to the one next year!





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