HM Training Day 3 Week 1 – 4 miles

Wednesday i did some weights workout Body Beast Back/Biceps i was still sore from mondays workout but i got through the workout  just barely lol

I have decided to do the weights 3 times a week even though the programme you follow for it is everyday. Im not sure i would survive doing it everyday just yet! But it will still help with my strength training for my running!

Thursday was a complete rest day apart from cleaning the house! After that i spent the afternoon catching up on the series ‘Once upon a time’ which i love! Series 2 just started and its getting really good!

So this morning i decided to go for my run in the morning as it had been raining and storming the last 2 days and nasty weather to go out in the park. Luckily this morning it was just grey with no rain. So i went out to get the run done.

It was the long run day on the Half Marathon plan so it was 4 miles.

The little park was a bit wet covered in wet leaves and mud and quite a few people walking, jogging etc. And i noticed as i ran it was birghtening up with blue sky and white clouds! 😀

The run itself was really good i was in the mental zone didnt get tired really went into my music and enjoyed the run alot. I almost slipped once in mud but then kept an eye out for any more lol

I had done my pre-run yoga and my legs and body felt happy and strong until after mile 3. I started to get aches in my left knee and hip but it wasnt very bad.

I think the runners yoga im doing will help alot with that as its yoga speicifcally for runners and to prevent injury from running!

Also i have done a test to see what kinda shoes i need so i can now go buy some support trainers for my running which should also help with preventing injury! 😀

Hopefully i will find the trainers on the weekend when i go to the Shopping Mall with Alex as he wants to go there tomorrow and i can also get myself some more capri running pants!         14131_454013197996757_1525488592_n

HM training Day2 week 1 – 3 miles

My god! I woke up this morning with major arm DOM’s! they ached so much from the weights yesterday lol Which is good as i know the workout is working lol

Also today was day 2 of Half Marathon training and i had to do 3 miles. My friend Jess gave me some yoga moves today before and after running and boy did they help alot!

I did the yoga before my run then walked down the stairs out to the little park. My thighs had been a bit achey today but after doing the pre-run yoga they felt good! Physically the run was good mentally it was a bad run as my heart just wasnt in it.

I kept coughing and had flem in the back of my throat which kept coming up which is the ending of my cold i think. Also my chest muscles were aching from the weights the day before. So i stopped a few times to deal with the flem problem but i carried on until my 3 miles were completed!

Then it was back up the stairs stretching my legs and post yoga! 🙂 now i have 2 days of rest before my next run!

I joined a running site so me and Jess can compare are Half Marathon training as we are training togeather online so we can see how eachother are doing which is fun. Also give eachother advice and motivation when needed.

I was dreading the second weight workout today which would be shoulders & biceps! but i decided to take a rest day and do that workout tomorrow instead as thats a rest day from running.

I have a feeling by friday i wont be able to lift my arms LMAO!

And so HM training begins!

So this morning Alex went to work with just a bit of a cough left 🙂 He was a bit sad to go and would have loved to stay home longer but work was work.

I had made a plan of what exercises i have to start so here it is:

Half Marathon training begins finally! So week 1 of training for that which is 4 days of running! Mondays, tuesday, fridays and sundays 🙂

Im starting to do yoga 3 times a week as well for stretching.

Body Beast week 1 also starts which is weights and looks tough but good!

I started off the day with 15 mins of yoga which felt good.

Then at 2.15pm it was a 2 mile run. OMG my calves and ankle were not happy they were aching like crazy. Im guessing it was the yoga i really should do it after running not before it was not a pleasant 2 miles but i pushed through the pain until it was done!

Then it was walking up 6 flights of stairs back home to losen me up again.

I did Beast Chest/tri…omg what a workout! After the first 15 minutes i could barely hold my weights up & it was a 45min workout lol! but i managed to finish it all 🙂 Found the man presenting it a bit annoying as he talked way to much but i can live with it lol

Over the weekend i found out my little dog Jake was put down as he was having fits and they thought he had a brain tumor 😦 He was 13yrs old and lived with my parents. I miss him alot and cant believe hes gone.

I cried all of saturday afternoon and some of sunday over his loss as i had had him since he was a tiny puppy.

I ended up buying nachos, salsa dip and baileys and did some comfort eating. And even though i didnt eat much of it boy i wish i hadnt! My poor tummy was upset afterwards! I havent eaten stuff like that in almost a year!

So now its back to healthy eating and working out full time! I have slacked for 2 weeks and paid for it as i ate way to much bread and crap foods and have regained weight i lost. So now i have to work hard to loss it again!

We are going to the big supermarket next saturday and im hoping to get my hands on a kettlebell finally and maybe some heavier weights!

Flu Ridden!

I havent posted for a while as i havent been running! Last week i took as a rest week as i was supposed to start Half Marathon Training this week!

Well DRAMA! I havent started lol!

Alex decided to get himself man-flu over the weekend and take the whole week off at the Doctors orders! He also had to take huge antibitoics tablets which look like something you would give a horse lol I think this was a punishment on the Doctors part as Alex does go dramatically and emotionally overboard when hes ill.

I always find it amusing and funny when the Doctor examines him and then rolls his eyes at me behind Alex’s back at the drama! And this time Alex insisted on antibiotics and so the Doctor has given him the biggest tablets he could find lol

Then of course with man-flu setting in he becomes clingy like a 3yr old and doesnt want me out of his sight and of course like any male with man-flu want to be pampered fed and water and looked after. His little nose all runny and full of cold, bad cough and slight temperature you would think the world was coming to an end! And so i couldnt go out running or start week one of the Marathon training as my Husband was in need of TLC!

I managed to survive 3 days without killing him although it came close and i was tempted to suffocate him tuesday night with my pillow when the snoring became to loud!

Wednesday afternoon i wasnt feeling to hot myself and knew he had lovingly shared his germs with me the day before i was supposed to go to France for a week and hang out with my friend Jess! Which i might add i had been looking forwards to! There was a lot of debating the whole day weather i would be ok to go and if i could leave him in his man-flu ridden state although he was much better.

In the end i had to admit i didnt feel so good and so i caved and cancelled the trip much to the happiness of Alex who didnt really want me to go and leave him!

Armed with tissues and vic’s vapour rub i went to bed with pillows propering me up so i could breath in the night as my nose was all blocked and tried to sleep. Which i was doing i must admit until a chainsaw woke me up!

The said chainsaw being Alex’s snoring as his nose was still blocked! Luckily for him i didnt contemplate suffocating him this time with my pillow and instead just gathered my things and went to sleep on the sofa with my dressing gown as a blanket.

He did make an appearance at 8am sending me to the bed but i noticed did not make me breakfast lol but he did go out to buy food for the day and insisted i stay home in the warm and not come out.

By then i was getting cabin fever! I had been in all week seeing to a flu-ridden husband not moving from the house and pandering to his every need so getting ill was the last thing i wanted!

Anyway i felt even worse than the day before and took some flu tablets and have taken it easier today…i must admit im starting to feel better and hopefully will be over this by the weekend fingerscrossed!

Alex grumped that its taken him almost a week to get over his ‘man-flu’ and i have taken almost 2 days to recover! lol lol I guess we women are made of sterner stuff and solider on with making breakfast, drinks and dinner while are partners are feeble lol

Hopefully i will be allowed out of the house on saturday to get some air before cabin fever sets in hard and i start clawing the walls wanting to get outside the flat!

I have signed up already for WeRunRome 10km race on 31st Dec and got my note from the Doctors for it to so im glad thats all sorted!

Next on the agenda is getting signed for the RomaOstia Half Marathon which i need to do before xmas so thats hopefully for next week! 😀


3 mile run last of the week :)

So today im feeling really tired…its friday i have my time of the month and all i wanted to do was lay on the sofa.

But being a good girl i knew i had to do my last 3 miles of the week. So at 2.40pm i got up and went out into the park. It was 17c so a bit cold.

I started off but found it hard as i just kept thinking negative about my run and i was tired and my knees felt heavy especially my left one. I know its probably the effect of my time of the month i tend to get a bit negative and more tired than usual when i have it.

I stopped 3 times for about 1 minute but kept going knowing i had to finish the 3 miles which i did do!

So i was happy and relieved that i did it and now i have the weekend to recover! lol

When i got in from walking the stairs i discovered dog poo on my shoe! I was not happy!! they have bins out there to put it in and it only takes a second to pick up your pets crap! grrrr

I did see some on the path as well which made me angry! I mean fair enough if it does it on the grass and your lazy but right in the middle of the path where people walk! Where children play!! Thats just disgusting!

They are supposed to get fined if they do it but i have never seen anyone out there! Its so annoying!

Anyway i was happy to get in 🙂 Now i have the weekend to relax YAY.             


2.5 Miles

It was chilly today so i decided to wear my warmer running top out.

I did the stairs twice today once going out for food shopping and second out when i went for the run.

Run was good i didnt do any sprints this time i just stuck to the slow pace. I had a bit of negative thought about stopping and that running 4 days a week is to much but i fought it down and got into my music. My legs went into auto-pilot and i kept going while this was going on which im happy about. So another 2.5 mile run done off the plan not long til its finished!

I have noticed im losing more inches! 🙂 which makes me happy but i really need to get back into planking and side planking. I just seem to make excuses to skip them which is bad! Im going to have to do them in December as there part of my exercise plan so there will be no escaping them then! 

Im going to get signed up for the WeRunRome 10km run on 31st December this weekend! As i keep forgetting to do it:) Im going to treat the run as a training run as i will need to do 10km’s that week on my plan anyway 🙂

Also i have been looking for a few more races for next year which could be fun and get me some medals! 😀

 Also i discovered the best afternoon snack in the world!! Banana with peanut butter on it! OMG its heaven!!!

Tuesday 3 miles Wednesday rest Day

So tuesday in the afternoon i had to do 3 miles. I was feeling good and not to tried from my run the day before.

I went down the stairs on my way out as its a bit of an extra workout and helps stretch the legs out a bit. The run itself was good no aches or pains. I saw some other runners this time which was nice.

Im really getting into my music when i run now and sing along to the words of my songs in my head while im running. I did sprints again and ran as fast as i could 3 – 4 times on the run which was alot of fun. Not a bad 3 miles.

I walked back up the 6 flights of stairs bringing my knees up as far as i could as i climbed them for a bit of a stretch and workout 🙂

That evening my legs were really heavy and tired and i got some aches in my bottom muscles. So i think i might have over done it a bit with the sprints :/

This morning when i woke up legs were still achey so i decided to skip my run and take the day as a rest day! and move the run to tomorrow.

So instead i cleaned the house which is a little workout in itself 🙂 By the evening my legs felt a bit happier and ready for tomorrows run.

The last 2 mornings i have felt really tired and actually gone back to bed for 2 – 3 hours extra sleep and im not sure why! maybe because its colder maybe im not eating enough carbs. But i know i feel better after the longer lay ins 🙂

2.5 mile run :)

Wednesday and friday last week i didnt run as i wasnt feeling 100% and seemed to have picked up a tummy bug which i then gave to Alex lol which he wasnt happy about! So i had a long 5 days of rest.

This morning i woke up with cramps and decided to wait until the afternoon and see if they passed which they did!

I spent the morning sorting out my diary for Decembers training 12 weeks of training which i have planned next! Plus doing some weights workouts and adding stuff to my new diary for 2013!

So 2.30pm i headed outside going down the 6 flights of stairs and out into the little park. Not many people were about a few people walking about. No runners at all! I guess it was to soon after lunch for others to be out running but as i eat lunch at 12pm it was perfect for me 🙂

The run itself was great! I did 2.5 miles as the plan said and even added some 1 minute sprints which was fun as my legs seemed to want to run faster than 12 minute miles lol!

I did see a young creepy guy watching me running and he even settled down on a wall to watch me run which was weird! Thank goodness i had my ear phones on and there were some walkers about!

Then is was back to walk up the 6 flights of stairs speeding walking and finish!

Anyway i have decided to just finish the running plan for November and not do any other workouts with it. As December is going to be the begining of some hardcore training and maybe its better to relax before then.

I seem to have lost some weight on my lower back to which is weird lol it seems to be flatter and tonned.



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