Rome June Photos – nature photos

I have still been carrying on with my nature photos even back home here in Rome like i said i would. I really enjoyed taking all my photos on my UK trip to visit family and my photos for Spring Watch back in May. So the moment i got back to Rome i have been looking for photo opportunities and these are my collection from the month of June!

Lizards are everywhere here in Italy so their not hard to miss when your walking in the park and their either sunbathing or darting across the path infront of you.




A Bumble Bee hard at work as it gathers pollen from the flowers in my local park.


Next i found a honey Bee as it flew round again gathering pollen and i was lucky enough to get photos as it flew around.




Crows Flying across a park, some birds in the darkening sky as a storm approaches,a speckled seagull, some Geese in a park and a swallow.









Storm clouds gather outside before what feels like a tropical storms hits with high winds, lightening, Thunder and hail




Flowers and plants in the local park kissed with raindrops after the sudden storm has passed and i could go outside.








Different Varities of oleanders that grow in the local park, so lovely so see and there everywhere!






More wild flowers i found while exploring including honeysuckle one of my favorite flowers 🙂












Palm trees in a local park on a sunny day providing some welcome shade for us.



Turtles in the EUR lake sun bathing 🙂 saw quite a few of them that day there heads bobbing about in the water.


So those are my photos for this month which i quite enjoyed taking 🙂

Food Review: C1B0 – eating in & A Tweet Meet :)

Over the weekend i was very excited as i finally got to eat in at the restaurant called C1bo or CIBO (on 4square) which is a gastropub. I had takeout from there once back at the begining of the year and loved their giant bacon cheese burger which had been a monster of a burger!

So with a friend from Milan (who’s another expat blogger) visiting it seemed a good time to eat in at this place at last! (this is her website)

So meeting Nerys at the Conca D’Oro metro station we headed to CIBO just after 12am to get some lunch.

We were the first to arrive and decided to sit outside as it was quite a hot day. ordering our drinks it was a nice suprise to have the glass bottles delievered in a bucket full of ice! Such a lovely idea as we could take a little of our drinks in our glasses and leave the rest to chill back in the Ice! It actually felt quite decadent.


Glancing over the menu it was nice to see they still had the burgers i liked the sound of but turning the page i found they now did steaks as well. My eyes fell upon the words BBQ ribs and that was it my mind was set on what i wanted to eat.

Since visiting the UK back in May i have been a little bit obsessed with BBQ ribs and they are quite hard to find here in Rome.

My friend was also tempted by the BBQ ribs and she to decided she would try them for lunch.

As assortment of mustard, bbq sauce, mayo and ketchup was left on our table and to my surprise they all seemed to be the brand Heinz! This isnt always that easy to get here especially the mayo!

The ribs came with dipper chips which were said to be crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle and it was true. When the food arrived it looked mouth-watering! The meat was so well cooked some of it even slipped of the bone as you picked it up to eat.


Of course this was no time for knives and forks and we happily munched away on our ribs using our fingers instead.

Other people begin to arrive and settle at tables outside as well as we chatted away and enjoyed ourselves.

CIBO has a very hip and funky look and feel to it, including the music which was coming from inside but wasn’t to loud so you could easily still talk to eachother.

Once we were done with our main meal we swiftly moved on to looking at the dessert menu! After all this was our second ever tweet meet up and so we deserved to spoil ourselves!

My friend settled on cheesecake and i had the chocolate brownie. It was a nice surprise to find my chocolate Browine wasnt humongous so i managed to eat it all and not have to much of a chocolate over load afterwards!

Both of us really enjoyed our meal and would both eat there again and i even noticed a few veggies options on the menu as well for those non-meat eaters 😉

Afterwards it was a trip back to my place so Nerys could meet Peanut for the first time and get some baby cuddles! Peanut liked my friend alot especially sitting on her lap and was happy with her first ever tweet meet!


Then we applyed sunblock and aftersun care before we headed back outside in the heat to get the metro to Eur Fermi. Here we had a walk around one of the markets or bancarella as they are called here and looked at the second hand stalls.

Nerys hadn’t been to this one before and also hadn’t walked around the EUR lake which we did afterwards. There was a lovely breeze coming off the water and if you stood in the shade it was lovely and refreshing. 10462456_10152557270513594_8324453256815295888_n

We did the circuit of the the lake and saw people sunbathing and enjoying the shaded areas with picnics. We also came across some turtles in the lake, some geese and a water basketball match.

Afterwards it was time to head home and we said our fond farewells before i jumped on the metro back home.

It was a good day and i had a very good time as i always enjoy my meet ups with Nerys from Milan.

Juneathon week 3

Monday Monday i managed 2 and half miles walking with Peanut but didn’t get a chance to run as we had huge Thunder storms in the afternoon!

Tuesday was a 2 mile Walk with Peanut again in the morning we are still enjoying the cooler weather. Alex actually kicked me out the door that evening and told me to go run lol so 2 miles running was done even though i got bad stitch from not drinking enough water in the day! 4 miles in total that day.

Wednesday quite a long walk with Peanut in the morning we managed 3 miles this time! We also nipped to the market and i bought some second hand running clothes for the summer so that was a bit of motivation.


Thursday was another long 3 mile walk with Peanut as i knew i wouldn’t be able to run that evening as Alex was off to a Baby first aid course and came home late.

Friday Me and Peanut did a 2 and half mile power walk in the park while the weather was cooler and of course she fell asleep. That evening it was a quick 1 and half mile run in the park as the Italy game was on and Alex said we had to watch it togeather lol.

Saturday we had a long walk to the shops to buy swimming costumes and have lunch. Then i did food shopping and had a walk in the afternoon and managed to do 5 miles that day.

Sunday i had a meet up with a friend from Milan and we went out for lunch and did some shopping and i managed to walk 6 miles that day!

Im going to try and up my mileages each day now to maybe 5 miles a day and see how that goes! 🙂

Food Review: Cinnamon Indian Restaurant – Leiston Suffolk

While i was visiting my family in the UK in May my Brother decided to treat me to an Indian meal at his favorite place.

So one evening he drove me, his girlfriend and himself to a small village called Leiston which is in Suffolk. This was the home of his favorite Indian restaurant called Cinnamon.

As we walked in the doors i noticed they also did a takeaway service but then got swept up in our very warm greeting. The staff were all very friendly and welcoming as we were shown to a lovely table by the window.

Everything on the menu looked amazing but i always love a good chicken korma so knew exactly what i wanted as i just couldn’t resist having it.

For a starter we had some poppadom’s with the little bowls of yoghurt, chile, onions and my favorite mango chutney! So we all helped ourselves to what we liked.


Suddenly the owner of the restaurant appeared at our table holding a dish of sizzling onion bargees and strips of cooked chicken. With a smile he told us this was on the house for us to enjoy.

Everything was delicious and my Brother soon explained they tended to give you alot of free complementary dishes at this place for you to try free of charge.

I had to admit the food was amazing and i could see other people also getting freebies on different tables as well.

For my main i ordered the egg rice with a chicken Korma, my Brother has mushroom rice with a Chicken Tikka masala and his girlfriend had plain rice with a vegetarian Korma.


The portions when they arrived were huge! And i struggled a little towards the end of my main as i was just so full from all the starters.

We did manage to fit in some dessert though! I had a lovely icecream with chocolate sauce and hazelnuts on top.

Katie my brothers girlfriends decided on 2 desserts which they didnt have so the 3rd dessert she chose was on the house free!

As we were waiting for the bill we were asked if we wanted a small free alcholic drink! So i had a small Baileys 🙂

The Whole meal came to £45 which was £15 each which was really good for the amount of food we had in the end and we were all happily stuffed full.

I really enjoyed my meal at Cinnamon and would happily go there again in a heartbeat! The food was amazing and the staff friendly and attentive and i would recommend it to anyone visiting Suffolk in the UK!

Its well Worth the trip for a good Indian meal!


Juneathon week 2

Monday me and Peanut had a lovely 2 mile walk in the morning when it was fresh at 9am but you could already feel the heat building. I did another 2 miles running that evening in 33c so i was dripping with sweat and red faced by the end of it! I enjoyed this run more than last weeks run as i could see i had much more stamina which made me very happy! So a total of 4 miles done 🙂 10253796_10152527214048594_129549092219099855_n

Tuesday another 2 mile walk with Peanut just before 9am as by 10am whe we headed inside it was already hot! That evening i went for a run in what felt like 38c! my face felt so hot afterwards but i managed to get my 2 mile run in and finished pouring with sweat.

Wednesday was another walk in the morning with Peanut and then another walk in the evening with Peanut and Hubby. It was nice to get out of the house as a family and have a lovely walk in the park after dinner as everyone else was doing.

Thursday an extra long walk with Peanut in the morning as she was extremely curious of everyone and everything as i power walked along. She’s really enjoying our morning walks everyday and expects them all the time now. Im more than sure she will love running to when shes bigger! So this day i did just under 3 miles all togeather.

Friday was a 2 mile walk with Peanut again in the morning and then a run in the evening which was nice. My stamina is coming back in leaps and bounds each time i run. All in all 4 and half miles was achieved that day.

Saturday we did just over 3 miles power walking round a shopping mall with Peanut which was her first time there and she loved it. She was so excited to see everything she was bouncing up and down in her stroller.

Sunday i power walked to, round and back from the supermarket with 4 heavy shopping bags which i kept lifting up and down for some weights workout. It started raining after that a huge storm which rages all day so i only managed 2 and half miles that day!

So thats my round up of Juneathon week 2!

Im addicted to GoT!

I have been waiting to watch Game of Thrones for over 9 months now…i have been waiting for Alex to watch it with me but after 9 months it was obvious he didnt want to.

So one day this week when Peanut was having her nap i decided to bite the bullet and watch the first episode. I must admit after watching the first scenes it grabbed my imagination and pulled me in. After that i was watching episode after episode of Season 1 when ever i found the time!

And suddenly i realised i was addicted to Game of Thrones like so many other people before me!

I have already been reading peoples comments about it on Facebook for months, reviews etc and i know in no way shape or form i should get to attached to any of the characters. But i have to admit its hard not to! you do find yourself rooting for certain people and feeling for them. But in the back of your mind you know there future isnt certain and for all i know they could already be dead in the other further seasons!


The next thing i knew even before finishing season 1 i knew i just had to buy the box set of the seasons so i could just sit and watch them and take my time.

So this weekend when we visited Porta di Roma the shopping Mall i went into one of the dvd stores and splashed out and bought the box set containing seasons 1, 2 and 3! Yes it was 100 euros but from what i have seen already of the series in my eyes it was Worth it.

By this time Alex had realised what i had bought and was still protesting he didnt want to watch it! I just smiled and said sure agreeing with him i would watch it when we wasn’t at home.

This of course didnt stop him from examining the box set and discs when we got home with curiosity especially as it was all on blueray. And even he had to admit he wanted to know what the quality was like.

And so i watched while he put on the begining of episode 1 of season 1 to see the quality of the dvd. Of course i then insisted he watch the opening scenes as i had done earlier that week.

It was funny to watch his expression as he watched it and i knew the exact moment when he was drawn into and hooked on Game of Thrones!

After that i knew he wouldnt be able to resist watching all 3 series with me and even said we could watch them togeather! Of course there was some good natured name calling at me for making him watch the first scenes as he knew that i knew he would be hooked to.

So there it is we are now addicted to Game of Thrones and with so many Others be waiting with bated breath as episode after episode is aired on tv and obsess over what will happen next!

I think we might be doomed!


My 100 Happy Days – Days 61 to 80

Im still going with the 100 Happy Days and had a few days still in the UK before i headed home and had the rest in Italy 🙂

Day 61 Peanut meeting her Great Grandad for the very first time ever! And they loved eachother and quite happily sat playing.


Day 62 Peanut’s first ever go on a Merry-go-round! She was so happy that she got upset when we had to get off as she didnt want it to end.


Day 63 Fresh fish and chips from the fish and chip shop as we were spending our last week in the UK in Suffolk next to the seaside.


Day 64 Happy that im in Suffolk for the last week of our Holiday as its a lovely place and i love having our nature walks here.


Day 65 The best Indian meal i have ever had! My brother’s favorite place which he took me to one evening it was Amazing!


Day 66 Presents for Peanut from her Aunty Katie who went a bit crazy buying her outfits when we went shopping in Norwich.


Day 67 My friend Anita came up from London for the day and we also met up with my friend’s Julian and Patrica and there beautiful dog. Had such a lovely time eating icecream and chatting in the Sunshine.


Day 68 Having Italian pizza again when we got back to Roma that same evening. How i missed this pizza so much!


Day 69 A very happy Peanut back with her Papa who she missed very very much.


Day 70 Chilling out in Vila Torlonia with Alex and Peanut. We had such a lovely day walking and exploring we didnt want it to end.


Day 71 Going for my first run again in Rome after my sister motivated me to run again back in the UK.


Day 72 my ‘Family’ picture frame i bought in one of the shops! It will be lovely to hold memories and show Peanut all her family even the ones in the UK.


Day 73 Peanut left some of her chocolate pudding and i decided to finish it for her! I can see why she likes it so much is was yummy!


Day 74 One of my favorite dishes to eat here in Roma, baked tomatoes stuffed with rice! It’s soo good!


Day 75 My best honeybee photo i have taken so far! Im still enjoying taking all my nature photos even here in Italy.


Day 76 Peanut’s expression when we put her in her new playpen for the first time! It was an ‘uh ho’ look lol


Day 77 shoes that finally stay on Peanut’s feet!! Im so happy she can finally wear shoes without pulling them off woohoo!


Day 78 finally Peanut can support herself on her arms! Although she falls down again after a bit & we are still working on the crawling part!


Day 79 my summer bling is out! Sandals i bought a few years ago but the sunglasses i bought on my trip in the UK!


Day 80 everyday we walk in the park in the morning and these lovely flowers are blooming everywhere along our path! There are 3 varities as far as i can see, pink, White and red. Me and Peanut love looking at them everyday and watching the insects enjoy them to.


Its interesting looking back over the last 80 days to see my happy moments day by day and here i am still going! I just have less than 20 days left to finish my 100 days happy but i find i don’t really want it to end as it seems to have gone so quickly 🙂

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