2 mile walk & yesterdays nice meet up

Today i had a nice 2 mile walk when it stopped raining and quite enjoyed it. Its been raining alot here lately with lightening and thunder.

Yesterday i went to meet up with Elizabeth the South African expat again this time for lunch. We went to the Zen Garden 2 sushi/chinese buffet place i have been to before! Heavenly noodles, sweet & sour chicken and they even now have curry flavoured rice yummy!

Elizabeth really enjoyed the place especially as she had been craving some sushi! but it was the noodles she loved the most. She knows the area a little so now she knows where it is she can come back when ever shes craving more 🙂 The buffet lunch is around 12 euros and dinner is more expensive.

It was really nice to meet up with her again and have a long chat. She’s really enjoying Roma and exploring alot of places and blogging about it all.

We both ate so much we were still full by dinner time which was funny!

I feel quite spoilt for different foods lately which is a nice change 🙂


Evening out with lovely Ladies – Shanti Indian restaurant

So last night was a meet up with some friends 🙂 The same ladies i went to Hard Rock Cafe with before christmas. We had decided to try a different restaurant once a month and see what we thinking of it.

So last night it was Shanti Indian restaurant on Via Fabio Massimo. Alex was having dinner at a friends house at the same time so all i had to do was a 2o minute walk to get there.

I was the first to arrive then 5 minutes later Becky & Carla turned up and we went inside. The place was small with about 6 or 7 tables but had mirrors on the walls to make the room look bigger. As soon as we stepped in we were greeted with the most amazing food smells!

From the look of the place and how quickly it filled up we knew it was going to be good and also glad we had booked a table as they turned a few walk in people away i noticed as all the tables were already booked.

Next to turn up was Jenny then Camila 🙂 After being given the menu’s we chatted and decided what we would be eating. I had already decided what i was going to have and soon everyone had to.

The service in the place was friendly and the starters came very quickly which was nice! I really loved the cheese Nana bread Carla said to try it was so good!!! yummy!  DSC00756

I know my pics a bit dark im still playing with the settings on my camera so some arent so good! but im learning 😀

Even the main food didnt take long either and soon i had my plain rice and chicken korma and i was in HEAVEN! Seriously it was all amazing! you cannot believe how good the Indian food was there! I highly recommend it to anyone in Roma!

The chatting continued and i had a really lovely evening! All the ladies are so nice and had lots of advice on everything and different experiences. We were by far the loudest table in the place which i thought was funny.

A few of them had some indian tea to finish with which smelt really nice. The only let down was the bill took a long time to come as there were only two waiters in the place and it was very busy. But eventually we did get the bill and turned out we only paid 21 Euro’s each! 😀

Then they offered me a lift in the car down to the bridge where Alex would be waiting for me. They couldn’t believe i had walked all of  Via cola di rienzo on my own to get there and was going to walk back lol Its only a 20 minute walk! But i was very happy to get a lift instead! And it made me laugh when i got a cheer from them as i got out!

The next dinner will be in March as one of the Ladies is away in Feb but im really looking forwards to it already! 😀


Meet up with a lovely Expat :)

So yesterday i met up with Elizabeth in the late afternoon at Termini train station for a cup of hot chocolate. She’s a lovely new expat here in Roma from south Africa.

We had a bit of a mix up with the meeting place and soon realised we were on different floors which was a bit funny and something to laugh about! Eventually we found eachother and started wandering about until we found some where to sit chat and drink hot chocolate! yummy!!

She paid for the drinks which was really sweet of her! And i must say i loved the hot chocolate!! 😀

I really enjoyed meeting her she’s a really nice woman and its always nice to hear the plans and eagerness of new expats its quite freshing. We got on really well and talked about loads of different things and it was all very interesting! It was a good relaxing meet up and im so glad we met!

She likes running as well although she had only run once here but shes only been here 3 weeks so it takes time to make a routine. Plus its quite chilly here at the moment which can be a bit off putting lol

We even chatted about some of the expat groups which organise big meet ups and what we thought of them and it was interesting to get different views on them.

She really wants to travel alot here in Europe which is a really good idea with so much literately on your door step! and only a train or plane trip away!

I was really happy to share knowledge of stuff in Roma that she might like and be interested in as well. And she told me of some thing i hadn’t heard about to.

We are going to meet up again which im really looking forwards to! 😀 Always nice to make new friends!



3 miles slow plod

So this morning after 2 weeks of slacking and being ill i got off my butt for a 3 mile plod.

The sun was shining and it was a little chilly but i decided to head for the big park. There were quite a few people out walking and running and it was really nice.

Anyway as i said it was a very slow plod to the park, round a few times and back home to complete over 5k really looking at my distance 🙂

Really happy i got out and did it as i need to get some exercise going again!


Running on Hold

My running is on hold right now as i havent been very well 😦 Theres a really nasty bug going round at the moment and i seem to have caught it.

So i have decided to just rest for now as i have no energy and eventually ease back into running by starting with some walking.

394957_481027355276463_244613520_n          734905_265336503595344_269220285_n

Happy newyear & Welcome to 2013!

Happy newyear to everyone! I cant believe another year has passed us by and what a year it has been.

Now im looking forwards to 2013 and what it may hold! My first Half Marathon i should be achieving this year! A few races in the UK & a race in France! Im focused on races that are fun this year and ones i get medals and might even do some obstacle races end of the year to!

Also meeting new people! 😀 I have already started talking to a few people about running togeather here in Roma and some of them are now signed up for the RomaOstia Half Marathon im doing in March! 😀 A few new expats in Roma want to meet up for a coffee as well which im always happy to do.

I also have an expat friend moving to Roma end of Febuary from England  who is keen on running as well! So we will be meeting up for runs in one of Roma’s parks and checking out new food places as shes a foodie like me.

My legs are a bit achey today mostly my thighs but everything else seems to be functioning and ok! Not like last year where i could barely move and it took me 2 weeks to recover lol

My next run this week is friday and then sunday so i should be on by then.

I saw my official time on the Werunrome Nike site and i did achieve the 10k in 1 hour 13mins the same as last year but i was some seconds faster which made me smile!

Alex asked me if i wanted to do the Corsa di la Miguel 10k which is in 3 weeks time (20th jan) but im not sure i want to bother with it as you dont really get anything exciting in the race pack and my training plan has me running 8 miles that week not 10k. I guess i could swap that week around to a week i am supposed to do a 10k run but i will have a think about it.

Anyway lots of things to look ahead to should be a very good year!




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