31 Day Selfie Run Challenge – Day 20 to 26

Here are last week’s photo’s from the selfie run challenge i am doing with Run the Edge.

My medal has been sent out although its still in California at the last track so i don’t think its going to reach me for the last day of the challenge 😦


Day 20 – 34c 3 miles run and its before and after selfie today it was a jungle out there!


Day 21 – 35c 1 mile done and it’s crazy hair day although this is quite normal after I have wrestled myself away from my toddler Miss Peanut to go run!


Day 22 – 35c evening run 2 miles and its make up your own selfie day so i did a before and after photo of me needing water after my run.


Day 23 – A thundery 23c 1 mile done and it’s where your from selfie today so it’s London and Rome for me 🙂


Day 24 – 29c evening run 1 mile done and it’s funny hat day I borrowed my daughter’s


Day 25 – 30c evening 1 mile done and it’s run with a friend selfie here’s mine from my first race quite a few years ago with my Bestie! A lot of people were posting old selfies 🙂


Day 26 – 30c evening 2 miles run and its alternative shoes selfie I couldn’t decide and it took me many many hours to decide but I settled on my leopard slippers that I then had to run in a little bit!


Just 5 days left to go!!

31 Day Selfie Running Challenge – Days 13 to 19

The selfie’s are getting a little more interesting and weird as i get a bit inspired by the others in the challenge Group!

Day 13 – 29c evening 2 miles run and this is my post race summer selfie pose!


Day 14 – 32c 1 and half miles run and its fancy dress time and im a little running angel 😉


Day 15 – This day i missed as i was to busy to run!! boo!

Day 16 – 35c evening run 3 miles and its backwards selfie as you can see from my top and sunglasses


Day 17 – 35c evening run 1 mile and its blurry action shot selfie!


Day 18 – 35c evening run 2 slow sweaty miles is leaving me feeling a little donut! donut selfie day!


Day 19 – 35c evening run 3 miles run and its silly pants selfie! I don’t own any so i made my own with my purple running trousers and my underwear! Yes i am crazy 😉 (a guy in the Group did this to and actually did a race in them!)


Two weeks left to go!!!!!!!!!!

31 Day Selfie Run Challenge – Days 6 to12

So here’s my round up of last weeks runs for the July Selfie run challenge 🙂

Day 6 – 33c evening run 2 and half miles done and here’s my daughters favorite friend her toy dog as the selfie was with a dog today 😉


Day 7 – 32c evening run 1 and half miles done and a hot and sweaty selfie done in the playground!



Day 8 – 31c evening run 1 mile and heres some of my racing bling selfie!



Day 9 – 29c 1 mile done and im flexing my guns selfie



Day 10 – 32c 1 mile done and my running twin was the selfie for this day and a lot of people were using already existing photos and so i decided to use the photo of me and my friend at the end of a race back in April. Me and her son are twins in our running tops 🙂


Day 11 – 32c evening run 1 mile done and post run snack selfie is my dinner mozzarella, prosciutto and focaccia! Yum!


day 12 – 30c evening run 3 miles done and its selfie with a sign today and mine says it all!!



Im still really enjoying the running every day although sometimes its a little harder than others especially with the temp! But im still going strong.

Its also fun seeing everyone else’s photos in the facebook Group for this event as some people have some really fun ideas for their selfies 🙂

Just 3 weeks left to go now!


31 day selfie run challenge – Day 1 to 5

Last Wednesday i started the 31 day selfie run challenge which was being run by Run the Edge. A calender had been posted the day before saying what needed to be included in each post run photo!

Here’s my first 5 days:

Day 1 – 29c evening 2 miles run and it was post run with some kind of drink 🙂 i was thankful for the water!


Day 2 – 30c evening run of 2 miles i was hot and sweaty in my PJ’s for the post run photo



Day 3 – 29c a mile and half evening run and the post photo with my stinky running trainers!


Day 4 – 35c 2 miles evening run and it was red White and blue! So red face, blue trainer and White top! 😛


Day 5 – 33c 1 mile evening run and it was a post run secret selfie taken with unsuspecting walkers! I was stalking Italians in the park  😉


I’m still trying to get used to post run photos when im shaking and hot from my run which can make some a little bleary! Im also getting alot faster now especially with my first mile which is a good thing.

It’s been kind of exciting with the post selfie photos and also makes it alot of fun! 🙂 Just another 26 days to go!


365 Days of Happy – Days 331 to 365! Challenge complete!

Last of my 365 days of Happy photos!

Day 331 reading a very good book! (i also went on to read the next two in the series to)


Day 332 starting to feel better after having a nasty virus hate being ill 😦


Day 333 another new book for my collection! (love all the second hand books i can find here in the UK)


Day 334 added to my new lipstick collection 😉


Day 335 new dress for Miss Peanut and its so cute!!


Day 336 a trip to the ruined castle at castle acre


Day 337 lovely day spent in the playground


Day 338 last bacon sandwich before we head back to Italy Tomorrow!!! eekk!


Day 339 Peppa pig crayons bought at Stansted airport & kept Miss Peanut quiet


Day 340 Miss Peanut happy to be in the supermarket with Daddy and me 🙂


Day 341 Miss Peanut happy to be back in her park


Day 342 back to healthy eating!


Day 343 Miss Peanut enjoying an evening in the park something we do now it’s summer & hot in the day but cooler in the evenings


Day 344 Pizza for dinner after my run


Day 345 signed up for a virtual selfie running challenge for july!


Day 346 couldn’t help but get one of these today they remind me of our trips to the mountains


Day 347 i love my new running top!


Day 348 finally got some time to play with the mini laptop i bought second hand on our UK trip


Day 349 We loved this cartoon in the UK and as they don’t have it on any of the Italy channels i bought them on dvd and arrvied today


Day 350 Miss Peanut ready to shop with her trolley which arrived today


Day 351 not the best photo but happy with my increased milage today


Day 352 Always love it when Hubby brings home an after dinner treat!


Day 353 having a go at writing my own fantasy story


Day 354 fun in the park! love how parents leave out old toys for the kids to play with in the playground


Day 355 my first 5km run in a loooong time! it felt good 😀


Day 356 new takeaway mexcian place just opened cannot wait to try this


Day 357 new top 🙂


Day 358 started writing a new story


Day 359 so happy for nap time today!!


Day 360 new at the supermarket and i just had to try them!!!!


Day 361 a morning walking around Villa Torlonia


Day 362 finally back in my size 12/10 shorts!! woohoo!


Day 363 Found this at the second hand toy shop not bad for 9 euros and she loves it 🙂


Day 364 my first photo of the july 30 day running selfie challenge and had to be with a drink 🙂


Day 365 Last photo of this year long challenge and its me and Peanut in the park and the best photo of all 😀


My one year challenge of taking a photo of something that makes me happy once a day is finally complete! I cannot actually believe i have made it through all 365 days!!

And along for the ride have been some lovely friends and twitter ladies who have also completed this year long challenge 🙂 @cilentoangel  and @welshieinitaly

Im really quite proud of all of us that we reached the end of this journey togeather!

Well done ladies! 😀


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